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Posted by: James Rowe

Date posted: 07.04.20

Welcome, we are look forward to talking to you and helping you to achieve your potential.

We have a straightforward business model – engage with and deliver quality, tried, tested, and qualified IT professionals that exceed the expectations of our clients, and deliver a positive, engaging and knowledgeable customer experience whilst doing so… and hopefully long after doing so.

From our modern offices in central Nottingham, we do this by working hard and using our many years of recruitment and specialist market experience to make sure that your recruitment jigsaw fits correctly. We understand that by taking the time to understand you better, what drives you and what your goals are, we can match the right individual with the right business much more accurately.

As a value driven organisation, we appreciate that identifying talent is as much about the person behind the CV, as the technical skills and ability on it. We specialise in doing just that and in providing the fit that will integrate new hires effortlessly and add value both quickly and in the long term – our aftercare service is designed to ensure that this is case. As part of our commitment, we offer access to digital platforms to allow to ensure culture fit via video interview prior to a formal meeting.

We communicate with you at all stages of the process and actively look to learn as much as possible about you to make sure that our service is informed and continues to add further value over time. Find out more about our values below.

If you require a personable, responsive and modern approach to IT recruitment, then Let’s Talk.

Company Values, Culture and Mission Statement

  • Innovative – Change is the new norm, especially in IT – Be different, be true to yourself, try different things, keep up to date, be adaptable and both share & implement new ideas.
  • Networked – Build relationships, engage with people, encourage business relationships founded on shared success and support, guide & add value by knowing your market and being a subject matter expert.
  • Friendly – Deliver a personable, professional, positive, considerate and results-oriented service to others, and leave your ego at the door.
  • One – We are all in this together and promote a team of peers that proactively support and encourage one another to achieve their goals, a team that cares as much about the success of their clients as much as they do their own.
  • Responsive – Show urgency, respond quickly and make people your priority.
  • Modern – A modern recruiter needs to be a subject matter expert, data analyst, marketing guru, digital tech whizz and networker. We invest in the technology, tools and training that facilitate this and more.
  • Evident – Dare to do, do the right thing, care and add value by encouraging positive, knowledgeable, open, considerate, transparent and direct working.
  • Dedicated – Success is hard earned. Graft, structure, target, adapt, go the extra mile, add value, be thorough, show attention to detail, achieve, deliver, leave work proud of your performance, and your reward will be success… and more hard work!

Achieve your potential, with Informed Recruitment.

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Posted by: James Rowe

Date posted: 07.04.20

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