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How to get your CV noticed


Posted by: nicole webb

Date posted: 26.01.22

Getting your CV noticed

So, it’s a New Year. A time to reassess and refocus. For many that’s time to put into place the plans and goals that they have been thinking about. You’ve hopefully taken time to out and reflect, got an idea of what is next, and you are ready to take the next step, so let’s get the ball rolling.


It all starts with a CV or application. But you may be asking yourself, Where to start? How to approach it all? Well let’s start at the beginning once you have identified a role that you are interested in, then you need to make the next step. Don’t rush though, it’s not a race. Take your time to thoroughly read the job description and what is expected of the role. Digest the information and once you have done that then it’s time to start writing your CV.
It may take a few drafts, write it out and revisit it later to see how it reads and if it conveys the message that you want it to. Re-read the deliverables and the expectations, have you covered them all off? It’s always helpful to have someone else read it too.


This is all great, but how do you get your message across? In the below link is an article from Google’s head recruiter Brendan Castle on what stands out to him when screening CVs, and it’s a great read if you are looking to move on and grow. It’s a simplified message, no gimmicks, or tricks. It’s just you, telling the story of yourself and your career to date. We take a quick snapshot of his message and how you can apply that to either constructing your CV or making an application


1 – What was the role you played on each team, or in each work situation? – This is a really easy way to show how you perform in team and that you can be an effective team member. It gives an opportunity to show if you can lead and how you work in a team.

2 – How did you contribute to the team? -This shows your accountability and if you can deliver on the expectations set. It also gives a chance to demonstrate some of your behavioural traits. You can play to your strengths by demonstrating key elements of the job description and an opportunity to show other skills and qualities that you can bring.

3 – What was the biggest impact you had there? A time to reflect on your previous accomplishments and show what you can bring to a company in facts. Be it impact on revenue in figures or how you lead a team to deliver or influenced your peers or seniors for the better of the company or project. If you are yet to establish your career, then this is where you can list academic achievements in an educational setting and how you delivered in project work.


This approach would work just as well on filling in an application form as much as telling your story in a CV. It helps to structure and to make it clear to the person reading it what you can do, what you have done and how you want to move forward. Give the article a good read by following the link to get all the insights then begin your search and see what is out there! Is your dream job just a few steps away? Is the opportunity to really grow and develop to get you to the right place up for grabs? Here at Informed Recruitment, we can help you on that journey. We can assist you in your new search and get you started on your new path. Visit our website for all current listings and more interview tips, or call us on 0115 853 2900

Below is the link to Brendan Castle’s full article, with his experience in what recruiter’s look for|linkedin&par=sharebar


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Posted by: nicole webb

Date posted: 26.01.22

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