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Change & Transformation Recruitment


Change and Transformation have become an increasingly prevalent, important & accepted part of our business lives. Time has moved on and gone are the days where change occurs slowly and sporadically as the digital world has given us all access to continually improved, subscription-based technology. In this respect, the playing field has levelled and the real edge over the competition is gained by the skill to pinpoint, distinguish, recruit and keep the best digital talent available to inform your change and transformation in the best way possible.

Transformation means implementing strategic, cultural, technological and people change; and change is hard work. But then so is delivering change without the right talent and expertise.  The explosive demand for more modern, innovative, empowered and entrepreneurial talent to deliver digital change and transformation is at odds with a modern talent base that have moved online and, more and more, are expecting work to find them, are desensitised to marketing and therefore are less likely to respond to approaches.  Talent acquisition and hiring, or partnering with, the right agents of change, has become one of the biggest challenges to progress, growth, and competitive advantage.

Years of experience mean that we have already identified those who can drive change, communicate & inform, shape organisations, instil culture, motivate people, and deliver tangible results. Throughout our wide and trusted networks, we continually engage with and identify change and transformation professionals that are the vision and driving force of business transformation and we want you to secure them. We offer permanent, contract and fractional services that cover a range of different methodologies and approaches.

  • Change & Transformation Directors / Programme, Project & Delivery Directors
  • Heads of Programme, Projects, Delivery, PMO, Portfolio
  • Programme Managers, Project Managers, PMO Managers, Portfolio Managers, Change Managers
  • Project/PMO Support & Coordination
  • Business Architecture, Organisational Design, Target Operating Models
  • Enterprise, Solution, Technical, Process and Data Architecture
  • Systems, Product, Methodology & Technology Management
  • Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Process Analysis, Continuous Improvement, Efficiency
  • Information, Data & Insight Management
  • Business Readiness, Training, Communication

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