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Informed Recruitment provide expert hiring support in sourcing talented permanent employees and consultancy professionals to support traditional IT Infrastructure & Networks, companies that are considering moving to the cloud, as well as those already adopting cloud solutions and those who have already done so.

Traditionally, IT infrastructure requires a server or servers to be installed and deployed directly on the premises of a business, to which all desktop computers are connected, and all staff have access to the data and applications hosted on the servers.   Physical and virtual resources that support the storage, processing, analysis and flow of data may still be decentralized and held in a data centre such as a colocation facility, but primary physical resources are on site and offer a greater degree of control.

In Cloud Infrastructure, resources (virtual desktops, platforms, servers, memory, storage, firewalls, switches, load balancers, etc) are virtualised and hosted by service provider that delivers services to users over a network and the internet.  A Cloud infrastructure architecture stack will cover infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – the foundation layer, platform as a service (PaaS) – the middle layer and software as a service (SaaS) – the top layer.  This architecture model offers increased scalability, progressive modernisation, up-front cost savings and flexibility, as well as a more robust disaster recovery model.   Large suppliers such as Amazon (AWS – Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft (Azure) have made this technology accessible to all, no matter whether they are a large PLC or an individual.

The flexibility afforded by Cloud Infrastructure Services was clearly illustrated as the Covid-19 pandemic developed, countries went into lockdown and swathes of company employers were asked to work from home.  As Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and with anyone with security logins, this allowed business to operate remotely and communicate over unified communications, mobiles or video calls.  However, the UK has been a slow adopter of cloud services for many reasons, not least that many had invested heavily in on-site infrastructure and had to realise the benefits of those costs over time before investing in the cloud.  This means that not all businesses were in a position to work as flexibly as they would like.

Wherever you are on your Infrastructure journey, Informed Recruitment engage with a broad range of talent and are committed to providing the best expertise for your specific business requirements.

  • Head of IT, Infrastructure Manager, DevOps Manager, Service Delivery & Operations Manager
  • Programme Director, Programme Manager, Head of Projects, Project Director, Project Manager
  • Technical Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Platform Architect, Cloud Architect
  • Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Server Engineer, Unified Communications Engineer, Automation Engineer, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer
  • Desktop Support, Service Desk, Help Desk Support

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