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IT & Management Consultancy


Informed Recruitment work with some of the best Management Consultants & IT Leaders on the market and are able to bring their skills and knowledge to your organisation as either a dedicated or fractional resource.

Our consultancy package takes the form of an advisory service to business leaders, executives, managers, and boards. We will provide direction, objective advice, market knowledge and expertise to help your organisation with strategy, structure, change, transformation, management, and business operations.

Our experienced Consultants will work with you and your teams to understand your goals and concerns. To do this, they might use a number of research methods which generally include an on-site meeting and observation, as well as any associated data analysis. They will then make recommendations for change, advise on additional resources to implement solutions, and use their wide-ranging market-awareness and technological experience to ensure you achieve your aims effectively and efficiently.

Any initial introductory meeting or initial assessment session with our Management Consultants are under a no obligation and no cost guarantee, so please get in touch if you need some support, direction or any of the matters below resonate. Initial engagement is risk free and we are happy to arrange face-to-face meetings or video calls.

  • Questions about initiating change as a result of changing markets, modernisation, or legislation.
  • Assessing the current state and engaging objective reviews.
  • Develop Business Architecture, Organisational Design, Target Operating Model, IT Roadmap or Technology Strategy with strategic consultancy.
  • Assessing whether IT, Digital and Customer Experience strategies are completely aligned with business requirements or customer needs.
  • Calculating how you can improve Customer Services, yet still reduce cost, deploy staff more efficiently and manage suppliers more effectively?
  • Independent programme reviews to assess progress or manage scope, such as whether Programme or Project Management support to assist in getting an IT project back on track?
  • Identifying whether your existing service provision or business processes is hampering your digital ambitions.
  • Understanding how to create value and drive investment through service or business process reviews, option appraisals and developing business cases & roadmaps.
  • Reviewing the need for support in developing procurement processes to lower costs by procuring supplies, services, and contracts at the best price possible?
  • Assessing whether existing technology systems and contractual arrangements support your business aspirations?
  • Developing governance and staffing around Digital & IT processes and reviewing whether change is being managed effectively
  • Increasing levels of communications between different teams and the executive.

If you would benefit from a critical friend to work alongside you or your team during the next phase of growth, transformation, or significant change, then please get in touch.

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