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Top Tips On How To Get The Best From Home Working


Posted by: claireh

Date posted: 14.05.21

As the world is starting to return to normal after what can only be described as the most challenging time that we have had in a generation, people are starting to look ahead to what working life will now look like. The feeling of temporary has started to lift and we are finding ourselves reassessing what the working environment looks like all over again. For some they are getting back in the office, others they are staying put and permanently working from home, then there is the newer way of split time – some days in the office hot desking and some days set up in your new home office.  For those that fall into the latter two options and will now have to permanently spend days at home working, here are some top tips to help you.

Keep to a routine.

Routines are important for us to maintain a sense of rhythm, the structure that they give our day can bring about clarity and focus. This in-turn can give us a sense of calmness and overall well-being in all areas of our lives and helps to keep our work life and home life separate.  These routines can be around the time that you wake up and go to bed, getting dressed as this can help you feel in a different space mentally, to having have breakfast and lunch away from your work space. Taking regular breaks to walk around, leaving the house at lunch where possible to get fresh air and a change of scenery can help break the day up but also reinforce a routine. Be sure when it’s time to finish work that you pack away if needed so you are able to switch off. Relax away from the space that you have been working in where possible to aid you in doing this.

Work in the best possible space.

Having a neat and tidy space to work in can not only help productivity but also give clarity to mind and allow you to process things efficiently. Less distractions in the form of house cleaning duties can help you to keep your mind from wondering. Lots of natural light with windows open to allow fresh air in can help create the right environment.


When you feel that you have hit a wall, it’s time to take stock and refocus. The absence of colleagues around you to help boost your mood or sound out ideas too can seem lonely and daunting, so put things in place to help with this. It could be a call to the office or a colleague to bounce ideas and thoughts around or help put you get back on track, it could be writing a list that will help you see what is achievable and what is in your control. It is important to stay realistic about what can be achieved and what needs to happen. Some simple breathing activities, some healthy snacks, standing up, wearing headphones or even taking a break to listen to an uplifting or favourite song can boost you and allow you to get back into the right frame of mind.

Snacking right.

This can really make the difference – it’s been said for years that nourishing the body can also nourish the mind. That said having a cheeky treat can also help too! If you have enough time you can make a some healthy snacks, if not nuts and fruit are a great simple way to get the right nourishment, not to mention drinking plenty. These together can help boost moods and energy levels allowing you to be more productive and focused.

Stay connected.

Staying connected to both personal and professional relationships will aid in any feelings of isolation, as much as you would have a chat in the kitchen whilst making a brew, it’s important that you maintain that level of interaction, this will also help maintain those important work relationships, so have a call with your colleagues to see how they are and if they are ok, in turn they will most likely return the call and maintain a strong relationship. During breaks be sure to call or message friends and family, arrange a time in advance if possible so that your working day can be split up, again allowing you to take time out and refocus.

Some or all of these will help you to not only have an organised approach to working from home, but hopefully help you when you need a little boost – whatever form you need it in. Let us know if this blog has helped you in your work or personal life at all?

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Posted by: claireh

Date posted: 14.05.21

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